The role and advantages of roll forming machine 11 Apr 2018

With the development of industry, large machines become more and more popular. Through this article we can understand support tube forming machines and other large machines. Modern roll forming dates from the post World War II era, with the introduction of rotary encoders, pneumatic presses, prepunching and in-line welding, as well as technology which allowed the roll forming of prepainted metal. In the 1970's and 1980's gagged punches made prepunching more sophisticated, and tool changeover downtime was reduced through the use of side by side rolls, rafted construction, and other innovations. By the 1990's computer assisted Purlin Roll Forming Machine design systems were introduced, and since that time many programmable controllers and computer systems have greatly increased efficiency and product quality.

Purlin Roll Forming Machine

An example is the double duplex roll forming mill, which has a duplex roll former upstream by a duplex roll former downstream on the same base. The upstream mill controls the leg or flange height by gliding in and out, while the downstream mill controls the width of the web in the same fashion. An example of this type of roll former is the Studmaker, which represents the latest in technological innovation: changes in the height of the flange or the width of the web can be made in less than twenty minutes. Steel studs can be produced in both English and metric sizes without roll or cut off die changes. The Studmaker is a pre-cut operation which eliminates the need for cutoff dies and diary pairs. Material sizes varying from 12 to 20 gauge, and stud sizes varying from 3-5/8 inches to 14 inches, enable the manufacturer to produce steel framing, light drywall stud and load-bearing stud, slip track and heavy 12-gauge joist, on the same machine with minimal changeover downtime. Minimizing changeover downtime is especially cost effective for relatively small orders - the Studmaker can be retooled in less than twenty minutes, where older Solar Frame Machines required up to eight hours setup time to make the same change.

Being a reasonable consumer, we should have a preliminary understanding of the product, and then to purchase the product. It is helpful for us. New Unistrut Forming Machine technology permits similar products - such as cee and zee profiles - to be produced on the same set of rolls. This is done by splitting the mill along its center, and setting the flange, web, and ear sizes using a control panel which can move the mill rafts to change the sizes. It is even possible to change profiles at the touch of a button. For example, the Purlinmaster can roll form cee profile purlins, and can be retooled to roll form zee profile purlins in only 7 seconds. Besides cee and zee profile purlins, this roll former can also produce lipped and u channel profiles. Web width and flange height can be changed in minutes instead of the hours required by conventional roll formers. The Purlinmaster also has an auto-gauging feature which permits the operator to change from one coil thickness to another without retooling at all - the new gauge can be selected immediately from the operator's control console. The Purlinmaster can produce prepainted purlin as well as galvanized and hot rolled black steel, at speeds up to 180 fpm and with a wide variety of hole punching options for inline flange and web hole punching of the highest accuracy. For more information, please

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