• Purlin Roll Forming Machine Apr 11, 2018
    Steel buildings use a variety of steels and metals to build sturdy structures that have an assortment of advantages over structures made of wood, vinyl and asphalt. The framing, walls, siding and roofs are all made of metal so they are extremely strong and resilient. As we all know that they don't absorb water in a major downpour or a flood so there is no rotting or mildew on the Purlin Roll Formi...
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  • The role and advantages of roll forming machine Apr 11, 2018
    With the development of industry, large machines become more and more popular. Through this article we can understand support tube forming machines and other large machines. Modern roll forming dates from the post World War II era, with the introduction of rotary encoders, pneumatic presses, prepunching and in-line welding, as well as technology which allowed the roll forming of prepainted metal. ...

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