Roll Form Technology’S Use Of The Most Up To Date CNC Techniques 11 Apr 2018

Roll Forming Machine Design: We have the latest CAD/CAM computer system together with a software programmer especially written to design roll form tooling. After the 'flower pattern' has been developed the CAD/CAM system designs the roll around the appropriate 'pass' and produces machining data for the CNC lathes.

Roll Forming Machine use of the most up to date CNC techniques in the production of cold roll tooling ensures a quality of finish and accuracy far superior to that obtainable from traditional methods of manufacture. The need to produce costly templates is completely eliminated with manufacturing lead time greatly reduced.

C Section Roll Forming Machine in tool steel can, if required, be turned in the hardened condition (60/62 Rockwell scale C), to alleviate problems of distortion from hardening. This is extremely beneficial particularly for 'tight tolerance', painted or coated sections.


The range of flying shears available is very comprehensive and depends on the particular application. At Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine we have designed our own range of hydraulic shears which are capable of single or double shear production.

The die or press accelerator can be either a pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder or servo drive via rack and pinion to give precise accuracy on cut lengths. If you want to know about it, you can visit our website:

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