Roller Shutter Door Machine Trainning 11 Apr 2018

how to look at the version of the chart. Must understand the version parameters including feed width, plate thickness, effective width, wave height, wave spacing, suitable materials, and overlap way.I learned that the popular plate thickness is 0.6 mm to 1.2 mm, and the overlap mode is to bite each other.The process flow chart is the decoiler, feeding guide, forming, shearing device, discharging, PLC control system, final product bracket. The machine consists of a feeding decoiler, feeding guide, main forming mill, straightening and leveling rollers, shearing device, discharging, PLC control system and finished products. The components of the Roller Shutter Door Machine main roll forming mill include base, side plate, shaft, slider, U Force Glue (Spring), chain, motor, hydraulic station, spacer, rollers,encoder, counting wheel. At the same time we also have to understand the base, wall thickness, roller material, shaft size, transmission mode, forming road times, host power, hydraulic power station, molding speed, cutting knives. Our Roller Shutter Door Machine base is H-beam, wall thickness is 14 mm, roller material is high quality No.45 steel, transmission mode is by motor, cutting knives are with die-cutting. The role of straightening and leveling rollers with upper 2 and 3 down rollers is for straightening and adjusting twist. Get to know Roller Shutter Door Machine all this week and keep working on it next week.

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