The important moments! Mar. 14,2019
After two days of visitation and communication,the customer of Algeria spoke highly of our company and decided to be an agent to sell machines in north Africa.He said that he was very pleased to visit our factory,It was very impressed to see so much innovations in roll forming machines.He made a special mention of our IBR Roofing Machine .The efficency is much higher than before.It is up to the computers that greatly shorting the time we used to control the machines.
The chief of our company told the customer that we have been in this line for more than 15 years.After years of searching,the technology become mature gradully and at the meantime we have the advantage of high quality and low price.This is why our products command a good sale in oversea markets.He also said that he was very thankful to have credit with foreign customers.

The customer is recommended by the director of Jiangsu nantong new machinery company,named CHU BOSHENG.we appreciate it a lot.It is January 26 today.The following are some pictures recording the important moments.

Roof Tile Machine

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