Moon-cake gambling is coming Jun. 27,2018
Moon-cake gambling is an important Mid-Autumn Festival custom in the Minnan area, which is centered around Xiamen.

It is said that Moon-cake gambling originated from Qing dynasty. Zheng Chenggong invented mooncake gambling on Mid-Autumn Festival to help relieve homesickness among his troops.

The rule of game is special because it according the number of dice, the number of four means that you will get the prize and the more "four" you get, the richer prizes is belong you.

Usualy, the prize of Moon-cake gambling is common things in daily life,such as toothpaste,laundry detergent,quilt. Maybe some prizes are common, but it is a traditional activity in Xiamen, and all of Xiamen people enjoy this game.

Welcome all of our friends joint this game!!

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