Material Selection of Cable Tray Aug. 20,2021
The material selection of the cable tray is an important issue in the laying and construction of the cable tray.

According to the selection of materials for the cable tray, it can be divided into three main materials: steel, glass fiber reinforced plastic, and aluminum alloy. These three types also have their own advantages. The glass fiber reinforced plastic cable frame is light in weight and less difficult to install. At the same time, the glass fiber reinforced plastic cable frame Good water resistance and performance, long life of glass fiber reinforced plastic cable rack, suitable for some factories.

The second is the bracket of the steel cable rack. The bracket of this cable rack is also made of steel, so the supporting force of the cable is also very large, and the sturdiness after assembly is also very strong. The sturdiness of the installed cable rack is very reliable.

Chongqing cable tray introduces stainless steel cable rack installation precautions

1. Before installing the stainless steel cable rack, you must check the appearance of the stainless steel cable rack to see if the surface is smooth and not paint off. Manufacturers of galvanized bridge frames also see whether the welds between the steels are strong.

2. While determining the specific location of the cable tray, keep a distance between the layers to ensure normal heat dissipation and maintenance. If other piping is parallel, you must ensure the distance between the trough galvanized tray and the stainless steel cable tray. So as not to interfere with each other.

3. When constructing the cable tray, the direction must be determined. For galvanized bridge manufacturers, all equipment is easy to maintain, and failures cannot be maintained. Hefei galvanized bridges must not cause greater harm.

4. Whether the cable tray is fixed or suspended, it must be checked whether the components are connected and not loosened to ensure the safety of construction.

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