Light Gauge Steel Framing Machine

Flexible and high efficient task arrangement,can add modify and cancel production tasks during the production at any time, and improve operational efficiency. Both entire unit or individual part can be added and deleted at any time, effectively solve the problem of part defects caused by material defect, equipment or human error
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C/U Truss Roll Forming Machine(700m/h)

Video:Light Gauge Steel Framing Machine  



Effective Width:89/141 Refer To Drawing

Material Thickness:0.75-2.0mm

Applicable Material:GI(Galvanized steel),GL(Galvanized Aluminum Zinc steel)

Yield Strength G300-G550 Mpa

Work Follow

Decoiler and Leveling DeviceFeeding Device And Pre-Punching DeviceMain Forming System Guide Wheel And Automatic Hydraulic Cutting Device Exit Rack

Machine Components

1) 2Tons Hydraulic Decoiler And Leveing Device 

Hydraulic control steel coil inner bore shrinkage and stop
Max feeding width:500mm, coil ID range Ф460mm-Ф520mm,OD Ф1400mm,Capacity:Max 2Tons 
decoiler by inverter control the speed,Power:2.2kw

2)Feeding Device And Pre-Punching Device

Left and right guiding device. The material enters into the main forming machine through left and right guiding device to reach the material feeding and leveling effect

Five-cylinder hydraulic driving

Stamping mould manufactured from S45C tooling steel, die core manufactured from D2 (SKD11) steel, mould parts use 

Japan Misumi product.Optimized punching mold structure,which make stable punching and lower noise than that of other Chinese competitors

Lip Notch hole、Dimple hole、Web notch hole、Web oval hole、Web round hole are available in the machine
Punching model:
Lip notch hole: one set
Dimple hole: three sets, hole diameter:Φ3.5mm/Φ10mm/Φ16.5mm
Web notch hole: many sets, depends on the commonly used specs
Web oval hole: one set
Web round hole: one set

Punching models: need to confirm with the buyer about the commomly used bottom width data.(Standard equiped with one set)

3)Roll Forming System

The machine dimension(L*W*H):About 4900mm*1000mm*1500mm
Body frame made from steel board by welding; wholely annealing and stress-relieve treatment  to ensure the long time use

Without distortion;processed by CNC machining centre to ensure accuracy

Forming mold:Cr12MoV molding steel, through vacuum quenching heat treatment to HRC60-62 °then grinding the inner 

Hole and the end face.The precision machining roller surface with CNC lathe

Main shaft: manufactured from 40Cr tooling steel, quenching and tempering external grinding and machined

Driving type: servo motor and gearbox linkage, rollers adopt the precision hard gears oiled running, to ensure super long-time 

Using without wearing.Bearing:Japan NSK brand

4)The Hydraulic Post Cutting

Accumulator type structure, for energy saving and environmental protection

Hydraulic parts: with Germany Bosch Rexroth product,Motor: and with Swedish-Swiss brand ABB motor,which ensure stable working and long life.

Hydraulic motor:5.5KW

5)PLC Control System

Original imported motion controller and PLC,equipped with iPhone manufacturer FOXCONN brand Industrial grade computer 

International first class brand of low voltage components

6)Exit Rack And Free-Standing Frame

With main free standing housing box-type structure, box body processed by CNC machining center

And others free standing frame with independent structures

7)Digit-controlled Inkjet printer

With Industrial class high quality solvent type electronic inkjet printer(maintenance-free ), which printing clearly, firmly and easy to installation
With universal solvent ink, easy to purchase, and save the cost 
Automatically print the tags which generated automatically by the design software, without human intervention 
You can add any information on the LGS maker production control system, such as: the company name, logo, website and so on

8)Production design 

VERTEX BD Software
(International famous leading Light Steel Structure design software)
1.Automatically generate the frames structure of walls, floors and roof, reducing design time
2.Really automatic three-dimensional modeling,  to ensure the accuracy of 100%
3. The Software built-in engineering analysis functions, can automatically calculate the structure bearing capacity
4.Automatic generate the frame 3D drawing and 3D decoration drawing
5.Automatic split the drawing, according to the design, split the architectural framework into the single unit drawing
6.Automatically generate the accurate steel part material placing form and BOM(bill of material)
7.Automatically calculate the BOM of the entire building, including the required steel, board, insulation material, number of
doors and windows, screws, and other related materials, can evaluate for the project cost accurately, and easy for users
to bid for projects 
8.Automatically generate the processing data (including component tags) for docking with the equipment 

9.With English version software, easy to understand.  The designers can learn the usage just through a simple training

9)Product Show

After-sale service 

1. The warranty is 24 months after the client receives the machine   within the 24 months, we will courier the replacement parts to the client free of charge

2. We offer technical support for the entire life of our machines

3. We can send our technicians to install and train the workers in the clients' factories with extra cost

Terms of trade

1. Minimum order quantity (MOQ):1 SET
2.Delivery time:About 45 days
3. Port of loading: port of Xiamen
4. Type of payment: by T/T or by L/C
5. Export to 60 countries,including : South Korea,Taiwan, UK, France, Ireland, Greece, Australia, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Peru,Bolivia,Uruguay, Jamaica,Trinidad, Israel, Russia,Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran, Kuwait, Jordan,Yemen, India, Pakistan,Bangladesh, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, Brunei, South Africa, Zambia, Mozambique,Congo, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Egypt, etc 

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