Device Advantage and Operation Inspection of Double Layer Tile Roll Forming Machine Aug. 03,2021

The output efficiency of the Double Layer Tile Roll Forming Machine is economical and affordable. It can well combine two different blank type tile pressing devices into a double-layer tile pressing machine. It saved the cost of one device and factory footprint of device under the same production method. The new double-layer forming process concept of BMS Cold Bending Roll Forming Machinery can achieve dual production and dual use of one equipment perfectly. In the daily production application of the factory.

It can greatly reduce the occupied area of the site. If it can be combined with our BMS cold-formed machinery in the early stage, the whole roll forming machine construction plan tailored for your factory. Then, the  process of production in the future, it can better ensure the efficient output value of the double-layer tile device. We will formulate a special plan according to the needs of users, and continue to provide users with follow-up and guidance, equipment production, operation, debugging, maintenance and other equipment guarantee services.

Please do not run and store this roll forming machine in the following environment:

1. High temperature, low temperature and low humidity.

2. Locations that are easy to be shocked by vibration.

3. Close to mechanical equipment that may generate sparks.

4. Places where sand and iron filings are scattered.

5. Avoid excessive contact with water droplets, corrosive gas, oil mist, etc.

Check before operating the double-layer tile roll forming machine:
1. Is there any threaded head that may cause a short circuit?

2. Whether the screw terminal is loose.

3. The input and output circuits and the Scattered lines are open, short-circuited, grounded obstacles, etc.

4. If there is a malfunction, communicate with the technicians in time to identify the cause of the malfunction.

BMSDouble Layer Tile Roll Forming Machine with Delta DVP14ES electronic control main motor, which is adopting electronic control system with touch screen display. It has a simple operation as simple as a mobile phone touch, and the operation is easy to understand and convenient to use. You only need to enter the production information data regularly, fixedly and quantitatively, and the entire automated transportation system can produce batches that accords to your requirements. It also has the advantages of operation, maintenance, mechanical debugging, and mold changing. BMS Double Layer Tile device is economical and can combine two cold bending forming devices into one. It is the first choice of low-cost and high-efficiency Double Layer Till Roll Forming Machine for large-volume users.

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