Daily Maintenance and Inspection of Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine Jul. 28,2021

1. Check the PLC control system of glazed tile roll forming machine to ensure the normal operation during the production process. When starting the idling test run, through the control panel of the PLC electronic control system, enter the corresponding production quantity, molding speed, and parameter settings. After the production is completed, check whether the formed sheet is different from the setting on the electronic control device.

2. The purpose of cleaning the equipment is to make the equipment have a good appearance and working environment. Daily cleaning of the iron slag, broken steel, etc. on the internal hardware and external surface of the glazed tile roll forming machine, which can easily cause the equipment to wear and scratch. Pay more attention to whether there is oil stains at the oil holes, and whether there are oil leaks in various parts. The chips, debris, and dirt around the equipment should be cleaned up. Ensure that the glazed tile roll forming machine can be produced without other objects that are easily worn. The trimming tools, accessories, and work pieces (products) should be placed neatly, and the pipes should be neatly organized.

3. Ensure that the lubrication of the various parts of the glazed tile roll forming machine is not solidified or unblocked; add lubricating oil and change the oil to the equipment in a timely and quantitative manner to ensure that there is no cut-off or no lubricating oil, which may cause dry friction of the parts. Equipment wear. The oil pressure should be normal, the oil level should be bright, the oil passage should be unobstructed, and the oil quality should meet the requirements. The oil gun, oil cup, and linoleum should also be cleaned regularly.

4. Daily maintenance of glazed tile roll forming machine. Daily maintenance of equipment usually includes daily maintenance and weekly maintenance, also called daily maintenance and weekly maintenance. Routine maintenance is carried out by the equipment operators on duty. Before duty, pay attention to routinely check the sundries inside and outside the glazed tile machine equipment to see if there are any abnormal noises when starting up and running production.


5. Strictly abide by the safety production operation regulations of glazed tile roll forming machine, and do not over-speed and over-produce. Ensure that the equipment safety protection device is complete and reliable, and eliminate unsafe factors in time. When producing equipment, we absolutely operate in accordance with the production instructions, and the safety of production personnel is the top priority of every factory.

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