The Overview Of The Roll Forming Machine 11 Apr 2018

BRANDNEW FORMING MACHINERY CO.,LTDis a professional manufacturer specializing in the developing roll forming machines.Main products are roll forming machines for metal roof tiles,wall sheets,C&Z shaped puline,highway guardrail etc. It can produce a variety of sections, each configuration file needs to be carefully introduced tools. Start rolling in the design and flower pattern, the design section, the introduction of each sequence position. Roll profile, and then from the configuration file configuration file. Because the high cost of roll sets, simulation is often used to validate and optimize the forming process, to minimize the amount of material level and the final product roller design.

Roll forming machine is the same product, so such as bolts and track documents, the outline of a roll of the new product is not required. This is done by grinding on the network along the centerline of the flange and ears the size of the split, is set to use the control panel, mobile grinding raft central, increase or decrease in function.

Roll forming production line can set up multiple profiles to continuous operation of the punch and cut parts. For some cutting length, the line can be set to use the blank in the pre-roll mill after cutting, and later died there or after cutting the bottom contour roll forming process. Features may include a hole, gap, relief, or by purlin forming machine in the form of press release. The function of these parts, you can pre-punch application (before roll forming) in the application of the press line (in the forming line / process volume) or after punching application (after roll forming). Some of roll forming lines include only the press or the application deadline, application of some or all of one line to another.

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