The Overview Of The Purlin Forming Machine 11 Apr 2018

Can produce a variety of sections, each configuration file needs to be carefully introduced tools? Start rolling in the design and flower pattern, the design section, the introduction of each sequence position. Roll profile, and then from the configuration file configuration file. Because the high cost of roll sets, simulation is often used to validate and optimize the purlin forming machine process, to minimize the amount of material level and the final product roller design.

Section has a shape similar to the cold extrusion advantage. Cold part is usually lighter, stronger, and works in the cold state efforts. Another advantage is that some people may have one or have completed mapping. Labor is greatly reduced, because the number is an important choice to consider the roll forming process.

Roll forming machine, the present invention, as described below, eliminating the drive roller to provide a more or less on the power of this moment stopped to remove hydrostatic transmission above disadvantages of drum rotation. This is due to the relatively low rate of speed reduction and the relatively low rate, much less the quality of the driving rotor, compared with the electric motor. In addition, the present invention uses a degree of decline in end-member has a relatively short radius and a relatively small movement, to participate in more roll on the curved guide member of the class at no additional need for accurate positioning of the end of the path.

These are referenced project is to limit the years, wood and counter strips say we can not make progress towards the floor to ceiling wardrobe, because the sliding shutter door machine is heavy, not directly. In addition, including the use of cloth to improve their production costs.

In a broad aspect, purlin forming machine provides a roll forming machinery includes at least one roll by a pair of section elements of diversity, at least some elements are remote that the best is an independent, axial substitution, or otherwise be able to position adjustment by means of the remote control to change the configuration file, said at least one roller pair.

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