Metal Roll Forming is an Effective Way to Build Metal Roofs 11 Apr 2018

In recent years, metal roofing have seen an increase and it continues to gain market share on its competitor products like membrane and asphalt roof systems. Most people know that wood is not a recyclable material especially for construction industry except for grinding it up and using for other applications. Furthermore, it can be used to make boards but will never be used for heavy structural purposes after being recycled. Metal wins the battle because unlike wood, it can be recycled into structural building materials again and again.

Metal roll forming comprise passing a metal sheet between a pair of rollers and there are many reasons behind this. It is done to boost the hardness and strength of the metal, to make it less ductile and to give it a well-finished, smooth surface. Hot rolling changes the dimensions of the steel whereas the cold rolling does not change the wall thickness of the metal. Advancing technologies have allowed manufacturers to offer better and longer warranties for growing industries.

Roll formers come in in-factory and portable machines. In-factory roll forming are designed for large production volumes. They are configured to produce multiple profiles and can include handling and packaging equipment. The panels produced have features like hole punching, end swaging, and lap notching.

On the other hand, portable machines are lighter and smaller to make them comfortable for transportation reasons. These metal roofing panel machines are used to a particular profile and operate at a slower production speed. The machines can run long-length panels on sites that would be challenging to ship to via truck.

Architects are responsible for on-time completion and integrity of the structure and any deviations in schedule or documents. One of the best ways to avoid delay or quality issues with a metal roof is to choose an architect where the material can be roll formed and installed on the work site. Otherwise there may be delays and design concerns.

A lot of people do not know about metal roll forming and the applications. They do not have any idea about the quality, features and techniques used to reach the finished product. As the use of metal becomes highly popular, it is taking a new role in the construction industry. It has become much easier to prefabricate metals like structural supports, roofing and beams can be used in both commercial and residential building.

The cost of manufacturing and transportation of materials are some of the highest in the construction industry. This, however, does not withdraw the benefits like strength, durability, recycling and Eco-friendliness. As people accept metal as an outstanding choice, the roll forming process makes it easier to form different sizes and shapes.

Components manufactured using the roll forming process can be used in industries such as construction, HVAC, automotive, machinery manufacture and electrical connections.

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