Importance Of Cable Ladders 11 Apr 2018

Cable ladders are the most common solution for supporting and routing of cables in an installation.

For this reason, cable ladders are available in a variety of sizes and standards, in order to cover the Wide range of applications.

Cable ladders and their accessories are classified in series Η35, Η60, Η85 and Η110 according to their profile height.

It must be noted that all products displayed as perforated in this catalogue, are available in non- perforated form as well.

Cable ladders are delivered in 3-meter long pieces. Other lengths between 2.5m and 6m are available on request.

The corrosion resistance level available for each product is noted in the following tables with the respective letter:

P: Pre-galvanized metal sheet

H: Hot-dip galvanized metal sheet

S: Stainless steel metal sheet

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