Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine 11 Apr 2018

This week I studied the Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine. The machine is composed of decoiler, feed guide, embossing, main roll forming mill, shearing device, discharging, PLC control system, finished products rack.

First we need to understand the parameters of floor decking steel sheet, such as wave, height, wave spacing, effective width and so on. It fits the material of galvanized steel coils and used for floor structure. There are open and closed-type lap modes.

The main role of the floor plate: not only as a permanent template for concrete floors, but also as the lower part of the floor to participate in the stress of the floor, and concrete work together to form a composite floor deck. The advantages of the composite floor deck :(1) Light weight (2) high strength (3) high stiffness (4) Easy and quick Construction (5) Easy to update (6) easy to industrial production

Excluding Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine, this week we also learned following auxiliary machines: Shearing machine, slitting machine, hydraulic bending machine, vertical type curving machine and crimping machine. Learning in this week is more understandable than last week!

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